Biographical Profile

Who is Tom Muzila?

Tom Muzila is definitely the ultimate and most appropriate individual to teach, lecture and speak on these topics, concepts and principals. He is considered by venous martial art magazines to be one of the top teachers and practitioners in the nation. He has practiced and taught karate and martial arts for almost forty years. Tom has devoted his entire life to studying, researching and practicing optimum peak performance mental concepts and mind over matter type of accomplishments and feats.
Let’s take a brief look at Muzila’s resume and how he has used these methods to Defy All Odds? He is a 5th degree black belt in Shotokan Karate, but has practiced numerous martial arts and boxed. He has participated on the U.S. Karate Team venous times. He holds many karate athletic world records, which exhibit incredible physical, mental stamina and endurance. Some of these are practicing karate techniques for 24 hours straight. He has punched and kicked 10,000 limes in one session on numerous occasions. He’s gone through 90 Karate Special Trainings, which is more than anyone in the world. I He has also accomplished a 21 day karate Special Training, which encompassed training 9 hours a day for 21 day. He is also an expert with internal (Chi) energy.
Now, let’s look at some other mental and physical feats he has done. He has climbed six mountains in seven days. Tom has walked barefoot over red hot burning coals over 100 times, without being burnt or injured. He’s equated with an eight pound iron ball 10,000 times, which took over two and one half hours He’s stood in a low karate horse stance for 3 hours. Tom has pulled 20,000 pound diesel trucks and an F-16 Air Force fighter Jet. He has run 50 miles and 25 miles many times continuously.
Muzila also served in the Special Forces, (Green Berets) in the military. He attended and graduated from some of the toughest military elite survival schools, such as; airborne ranger, jungle warfare, mountaineering, light and heavy weapons, pathfinder, desert and cold weather survival, sniper, scuba, visual tracking, demolitions, HALO, ski school and numerous others. He was wounded in combat in covert operations.. He is one of the top combat instinct shooting instructors available.
He is also an expert, in professional bodyguarding and has specialized in celebrity protection through the years. He has protected hundreds of the most famous celebrities in the world, such as: Warren Beatty, Steven Seagal, Bruce Willis and Sharon Stone. He’s protected presidents, such as Clinton and Reagan. He has also been in charge of security for huge benefits and events, where numerous celebrities and some of the most affluent and wealthiest individuals in the world have attended. In addition, he has taught numerous law enforcement agencies and elite military groups and units in various subjects. He has a degree in Asian Religions and has specialized in researching Para psychological techniques as applied to success and achievement

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