Bodyguard Extreme

Defying All Odds

Tom Muzila protecting Stevie Wonder

With this elite guard of bodyguarding you will learn to employ the cutting edge of Bodyguarding and Executive Protection Concepts. An ordinary person is ready for the expected, but an extra-ordinary person is ready for the unexpected. Bodyguard Extreme’s primary function is prevention and operations from the highest codes of moral and legal obligations.

Assessment: There is an increase of violent crime daily in America. Robbery, rape, attack, kidnapping, extortion and murder constantly threaten us. The threat of these vicious atrocities are targeting our families, children, friends, associates, businesses, companies, corporations and ourselves. This concern expands from a local to international level. Now is the time to take action. Do not wait until it is too late!

Why Bodyguard Extreme?

Tom Muzila demonstrating protecting
a client while bodyguarding
  • We are cross-trained in police, military, executive protection, martial artist concept and strategies.
  • We utilize High Speed Technology with secret ancient warrior tactics.
  • We engage in action abilities for threat assessment.
  • We are experts in Anti-Terrorist assessment and tactics.
  • We are aware and prepared for the most dangerous threat.
  • We trained in adversary, enemy and terrorist analysis status.
  • We are skilled in stealth, clandestine and ninja tactics.
  • We are experts in all weapons, specializing in counter ambush measures.
  • Our staff is highly skilled in all security, abilities, procedures and fitness conditioning levels.


Fields of Expertise

  • Personal and Celebrity Protection
  • Evaluation of Threat Communication
  • Property and Estate Security
  • Security System Design
  • Executive Protection
  • Special Event Management
  • Corporate Security
  • Security Escort Service
  • Threat Security
  • Courier Protection
  • Risk Analysis and Reduction
  • Maritime Security
  • Crisis Intervention and Management
  • International Travel Planning
  • Sky Jacking
  • Airline Security
  • High Risk Foreign Protection
  • Crowd Control
  • Dignitary and High Profile Client
  • Carjacking


Professional Abilities

Tom Muzila (far right) protecting
Bruce Willis and family

Evasive driving ambush tactics, Tactical considerations, securing the premises, advance team procedures, explosive threats and searches, preliminary route survey, assess terrorism threats, anti-terrorism tactics, counter espionage, professional bodyguarding, trauma management, recognizing danger signs, security preparation exercises, executive protection, vehicle security, site surveys, securing areas, motorcade procedures, adversity encounters, surveillance tactics, restraining techniques, firearm employment, defensive tactics and unarmed combat, CCW California concealed weapons permit, class III automatic weapons permit.

Private Courses Available

  • Personal fitness and defense programs
  • Executive security awareness programs
  • Karate and Martial Arts classes
  • Handgun and weapons training and safety
  • Evasive driving tactics
  • Women’s self defense and rape prevention
  • Anti-sexual harassment training


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Bodyguard Extreme Rates are avalilable upon request. For more information contact Tom Muzila.

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