Strategy for Capturing a Law Enforcement Killer

The situation with Christopher Dorner is a very unique one for law enforcement.  We have a police murderer who was law enforcement and also highly trained in the military.  He is expertly trained in law enforcement tactics and procedures.  His military training add many other levels to his experience in evading police and law enforcement.  To deal with someone of this experience and expertise, it is best to learn, study and draw from ancient warrior tactics and concepts. It basically comes down to mental, strategy and being able to out smart the enemy or adversary.  The Chinese were always experts in this kind of strategy from thousands of ancient battles they had with various countries and provinces for thousands of years.  They proved what worked and what didn’t work from many trails and errors.  They become experts at this type of strategy of out witting the enemy.  One of the best Chinese philosopher books, which specializes in this, it San Tsu, The Art of War.  The main concepts of ancient mental and philosophical warfare is expertly explained in this book.  Another excellent one, is, The book of Five Rings, by Miyamoto Musashi,  who was considered the best and top level samurai of not only the sixteen-hundreds, but a few hundred years.  The last two years of his life, he meditated, lived in a cave and wrote a book on all of his experience he learned about strategical and mental warfare.  Both of these both are not only focused with two armies, but also one on one or two opponents too.  The same philosophy applies to both.

Now what does all of this have to do with the Christopher Dorner case?  Everything has to do with it. Modern strategical warfare, especially special operations tactics is taken from ancient warfare.  General George Patton, studied and had insights from ancient battles in the past, which he applied successfully to many of this battles.

Of course, modern technological electronics also helps aid our intelligence in present day warfare.  In ancient warfare, if you wanted to attack an enemy from its right flank, you would send a small unit to make noise in its left flank to draw attention away from its right flank.  If you wanted to attack an enemy from the from the front, you would have a small unity make noise behind at its rear flank.  If you wanted to attack an enemy for the rear, you send and sent up a small unit to look like a big unit in the front to draw their attention there.  Anyways, you get the concept and strategy.  It is the same with two martial art, MMA or boxing opponents.  If you want to go in and attack you opponent you act like you are going to go back to draw him in to actually beat his attack.  If you want to go back you act like you are going to go in on him, so he will attack and that will draw his attack.  If you want to get in to his left side you act and pull him to his right side and visa-versa.  Of course, then it gets to the level, where one side is thinking, he is only acting like he is going to go that way, but he will do the opposite!  Each side is trying to out sense and guess each other.  Whoever catches that moment, whether it is an individual or an army battle will be the winner.

So if Christopher Dorner is really this well trianed this is what he is trying to do, to out smart the police.  He sounds as though, he is well trained in counter-insergency and intelligence, which is a huge benefit for him and he could hold out alonger time.  That is being an expert in engagement strategy and intelligence.

My first instinct and sense from myself being trained as a long time martial artist and also a former member of Special Forces and being trained the same way, is that Christopher Dorner is using many of these diversion tactics.  When they found his badge and ID card in San Diego, he wanted police to find it.  When they found his truck on fire in Big Bear, he wanted to draw the police to that location.  Also myself being a professional bodyguard for over 35 years, we sometimes use a tactic, similar to the ancient warfare strategies, called, disinformation.  This means if we have a very high profile client, we acquire information, news, rumors or intelligence which will inform the public and news that our client is at one location and he really isn’t, we take him to the total opposite location, so everyone will think he is there.  Then we can get him very easily to a safehouse somewhere else without any attention.

Christopher Dorner is also on a mission, which he stated on the internet about going after his black list of law enforcement individuals.  He will continually try to out smart the police of doing these counter intelligent strategies to make the police he is one place, when he is not.  He will do this until he can acquire a safety zone or void, where he can move in and attempt to make another hit and then move out and continue, until he can get as far as he can.  The police, FBI and many other law enforcement and military units, also have their high level intelligent stratigists too.  They are many in numbers and it is a game of cat and mouse right now.  The police have the biggest job to cover so much area and still try to out stratigize their opponet.  Each side has advantages and disadvantages.  Christopher Dorner has one big advantage, which is if he can hold up somewhere very safe and secure for along period of time, he can just wait it out.  When police become discouraged and eventually have to back off on their hunt, Dorner can just wait and come out again, when they are least expecting it and make another hit, then go back into hidding, for awhile again.  The police advantage would be to play the same strategy and start out witting Dorner’s, but acting like they are falling for his tricks and strategy, but covering the opposite of what Dorner would expect.  The police have to think exactly like Dorner is thinking and what he is thinking, if they were executing his mission.  They are starting to catch on and it seems the law enforcement is picking up on what Dorner is trying too do.  They will catch him eventually, it might be very soon or later, but he Dorner will make a mistake and show himself at some point.  He will get tired, lose his focus and concentration and make that mistake.  It is just a matter of time.

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