Film Experience


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Above the Law Warner Bros. Production
Directed by Andy Davis
Played the role of a CIA hitman

Hard to Kill Warner Bros. Production
Directed by Bruce Malmuth
Played the role of a police hitman

The Power of One Warner Bros. Production
Directed by John Avildson
Trained the actors in boxing and developed boxing choreography

Under Siege Warner Bros. Production
Directed by Andy Davis
Played the role of a terrorist hitman

Deadfall Ted Fox Production
Directed by Christopher Coppla
Stunt, fight coordinator and armorer

Best Friends Prism Production
Directed by Nick Vallenlonga
Weapon specialist

Brilliant Disguise Prism Production
Directed by Nick Vallenlonga
Stunt coordinator

The Set Up Tri-Coast / MGM Production
Directed by Straton Hamilton
Fight coordinator

The Hunted Gary Goldstein Universal Production
Directed by Jonathan Lawton
Stunt coordinator, ninja

Solo John Flock / Tri Star Triumph Production
Directed by Burt Bara
Stunt /fight coordinator, military advisor, special forces

The Phantom Paramount Production
Directed by Simon Wincer
Personal trainer assitant to Billy Zane, fight coordinator, played role of a pirate

Provacateur Live Entertainment Production
Directed by Jim Donovan
Second unit direct, advisor

Angry Dogs Independent Production
Directed by Clabe Hartley
Stunt coordinator second unit direct, Cadre

I Woke Up Early MUSE Production
Directed by Aris Liopulos
Stunt coordinator

Dennis the Menace II Warner Bros. Production
Directed by Charles T. Kaugkms
Stunt safety

BASEketball Universal Pictures Production
Directed by David Zucker
Security guard, stunt coordinator

V.I.P. Lafitte Production
Directed by Jonathan Lawton
LT, stunts, fight coordinator



  • Nisei Week Karate Championship, Channel 56, 1974
  • AVC Special Report, Ninja Course
  • CNN Bounty Hunter, Noreiga
  • KHSH Channel 5 Combat Patrolling (Salt Lake City)
  • Real People, LRRP Recondo
  • Just for the Record, Australian Productions
  • Ninja Special, Japanese Film Productions
  • KDOC Channel 56 Corporate Excecutive Anti-Terrorism



Professional Bodyguard Panther Production 25 Tape Series

SWAT Team Panther Production 20 Tape Series

Airborne Parachute Course Panther Production 2 Tape Series

Aerobic Self-Defense

Warrior Film Production Series

Battecry Productions


Acting Training

  • Ray Young – Tutoring
  • Morgan Sheperd – Tutoring
  • Sandy Holt – Tutoring
  • John Robert Powers



  • Karate / Martial Arts
  • Self-Defense
  • Detention, Search and Control
  • Guerrilla Warfare
  • Counter Terrorist tacttics
  • Bodyguarding
  • Police Tactics
  • SWAT Team Tactics
  • Weaponry
  • Firearms – Assault Weapons
  • Machine Gun
  • Fitness Training and Weight Lifting


Stunt Abilities

  • Scuba Diving
  • Rock Climbing
  • Mountaineering
  • Rappeling
  • Parachute Jumping
  • Water Skiing
  • Snow Skiing
  • Horseback Riding
  • Hand Gliding
  • Karate / Martial Arts
  • Race Car Defensive Driving



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