Shotokan Karate Volume 2 – Download

Mental Training for SKA Black Belts

Learn Okinawan Shotokan karate from Tom Muzila, one of the world’s leading disciples of Tsutomu Ohshima sensei. In his Shotokan Karate DVD series, Tom Muzila demonstrates the martial techniques, strategies and forms that make Shotokan karate an effective combat art.

Known for his incredible physical and mental stamina, Tom Muzila is a former Green Beret and has practiced Shotokan karate for more than 30 years. In addition to work as a bodyguard, Tom Muzila has also served as an instructor/adviser to law-enforcement personnel and to the military for matters of tactics, weapons and defense. Topics for Shotokan Karate – Volume 2 include:

° Block-and-counter combinations
° Two-step combinations
° The horse stance
° Step-up-and-shuffle combinations
° Striking
° Kata Heian 1 and 2 (Shodan and Nidan)

60 minutes.

This item is a digital download of the DVD.

Price: $29.95

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