Tom Muzila Resume

Ph. 714-636-4437


Executive Protection Specialist: Providing close personal protection for executives, dignitaries, VIPS, celebrities, politicians & individuals transporting valuable commodities. Specialist in Counter-Terrorism.


  • Fifth Degree Black Belt, (Godan) Former member, I JS Shotokan Karate Team
  • Concealed Weapons Permit & Class III Automatic Weapons Permit.
  • Established several world marks 8 records for karate physical endurance.

MILITARY: 5/70 – 5/73

  • Former Special Forces, (Green Berets) 7th Group, Weapons Specialist. Qualified, taught virtually every weapon employed by S.F. & foreign cultures.
  • Attended most elite military schools: Airborne, Ranger, Pathfinder, HALO, Recondo, Sniper, Mountaineering, Scuba, Jungle Warfare, etc.
  • Tactical and strategic Counter-Terrorist planning and implementation.
  • Combat preparedness – 12170 – 5/73 Instructed Special Forces & Airborne Units in close quarters combat, Guerrilla warfare, survival (snow-desert), warfare strategy, antiterrorism & mountain climbing.
  • Special Forces activity – 6/71 -2/72, Extensive covert training & activity.


  • Military and Action Technical Advisor Major feature films.
  • Advanced training in Counter-Terrorist technology, counter training programs
  • Lectures & Speaking Engagements: Companies, Corporations, and Businesses. Theme: Optimum Peak Performance Mental States, applied to professions.
  • Instruct & advise personnel on special threat conditions & procedures related to personal security & potential dangerous situations
  • Executive Protection Specialist: 12/73 to present Protection service for political officials, dignitaries and celebrities.


I have over thirty years experience as a Protection Specialist. My services have been provided for numerous celebrities, corporate executives and I’ve been temporally been assigned to protect U.S. presidents. I can serve under any threat level and secure a clients comfort and peace of mind. I maintain myself, mentally and physically, so that I’m always prepared for any contingency. Available for both long or short term commitments and can travel domestically or abroad. I have extensive experience in teaching & instructing.


Interested in a challenging position as a Federal Air Marshal Instructor-Trainer’ that will utilize skills and expertise. With my experience and skills, I feel my services can be of major importance to the T S.A. (Transportation Security Administration).


Available for full time employment and willing to negotiate travel assignments. My goal is to be employed by T.S.A Unusual hours and travel acceptable. I am very dedicated and fully understand an employer’s need for privacy and confidentiality. In an inconspicuous capacity, I can blend into any social setting.


B.A. Degree in Asian Religions’ Cal. State Univ. Long Beach.


30 years experience as Professional Protection Specialist. Instructor, SWAT & small unit Tactics for various law enforcement agencies & military units. Bodyguard Extreme; Director of Special Protection/Supervisor, 1973 to present. Has provided protection for hundreds of celebrities and corporate executives.


I have instructed, taught, lectured, advised and consulted the following departments’ groups, units & organizations.


  • Los Angeles Police Department
  • Santa Ana Police Department and SWAT Teams
  • Long Beach Police Department and SWAT Teams
  • Whittier Police Department and SWAT Teams
  • Switzerland, Zurick Police Department


  • Special Forces (Green Berets) 7th Group U.S. Army
  • Special Forces ((Green Berets) 5th. Group U. S. Army
  • Special Forces (Green Berets) 8th. Group U.S. Army
  • Force Recon U.S. Marines, Camp Pendleton FIR Unit, (Hostage-Rescue)
  • 101st. Airborne U.S. Army
  • 82nd. Airborne U.S. Army
  • Switzerland Army Unit
  • Rangers U.S. Army-Pathfinders U.S. Army
  • Aerospace Autonetics U.S. Air Force


  • Karate-Martial Arts
  • Bodyguarding
  • Police Tactics
  • Guerrilla Warfare
  • Combat Shooting
  • Counter Terrorist Tactics
  • Ambush Countermeasures
  • Self-Defense, Anti-Rape
  • Detention, Search, Control
  • Gun, Knife Take aways
  • SWAT Team Tactic
  • Firearms
  • Assault Weapons
  • Instinct Shooting
  • Weapon Retention


Weapons and hand to hand combat expert, martial arts & karate instructor. Anti Terrorist Tactics, Sky Diving, Precision Driving, Computer capable. International Travel experience and contacts. Excellent communication skills, dependable, flexible, self-motivated, honest, trustworthy and dedicated. I can teach good verbal skills and control tones to de-escalate a situation and keep it from becoming a confrontation.